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2015年1月26日 Lynfield Students’ Farewell Party

We had a farewell party for Liz and Eunice on January 29th. Liz and Eunice made impressive speeches and we had a good time. They are so fluent in Japanese and eager to study and full of curiosity. They love Japan. Their visit brought together some of the best features of both Japan and New Zealand.

A bright future awaits them.

2015年1月26日 6 students left for Lynfield College in New Zealand for a short-term studies.

On Sunday ,January 25th, , 6 students left for Lynfield College in Auckland, New Zealand.
They seemed a little bit scared, but looked very excited.
They are going to have lots of difficulties over there, but they will grow a lot.
I hope they’ll experience something valuable they would never experience in Japan.
I can’t wait see them again!

2014年10月29日 Happy Halloween!

On October 27th, the English Club at TMU held our 2014 Halloween party. 13 of our junior and students (both junior high school and senior high school) attended, along with Mr. Takaki, Phil, and David. At the party, the English Club made a jack-o'-lantern from a pumpkin. First, the students took turns carving the pumpkin, and after they finished carving a scary face, they put a candle inside. For some students, it was their first chance to experience pumpkin-carving, which is an important and fun part of Halloween. Some of the students wore their Halloween costumes, too, and took many pictures. The students also enjoyed pizza, snacks, and drinks. English is a great tool for learning about other cultures and special celebrations. The English Club at TMU had a great time – please see our pictures below. Happy Halloween!

2014年10月8日 Speech Contest

On the 4th of October 2014, a student from TMU attended the Prince Takamado 66th Oratorical Contest.There were roughly 50 applicants on the day and many of the speeches were of a great standard.
“Mayuko”, a Junior student from TMU practiced very hard and did so well on the day. Sadly we were not chosen as finalists. However, she had a great experience and represented our school very well and made us proud. Mr Takaki and myself (Phil) really enjoyed attending. Some of the speeches can only be described as “amazing” in delivery and content. It was a good experience for us, as well as our student!
Please check out the picture below:

2014年10月7日 Our School Festival --- Forever!

Hello! My name is Yoshiaki Aota, a member of English Club at Tamadai Meguro High School. Today, I would like to report on our school festival, which was held on September 20th and 21st.
As usual, there were many activities, but this year’s festival was particularly special for us because it was the last one that 12th graders could take part in as high school students. Every year, the 12th graders operate the food and drink stands. This year my class opened a ‘Yakisoba’ shop. We cooked Yakisoba (Chinese fried noodles) and sold it to the guests. My task was to walk around the school yard advertising our stand and transporting the Yakisoba ingredients --- cabbages, bean sprouts, and pork from the cooking room to our stand. It was not the kind of job which attracts much attention, but it was an essential one. Everyone in my class worked together ---cutting vegetables, cooking, selling, etc. We learned a lot - not only working together (this is the most important lesson, though), but also we learned something about economics and management. The first day we only sold half as much as we had expected. We hadn`t counted on the weather. It turned out to be cooler, and as a result, we had fewer customers than we had expected. We worried about the ingredients that we had already bought. If we couldn’t sell everything the next day, we would have had a huge amount of leftovers and end up in debt! We called an urgent meeting. We decided to advertise more in order to attract as many customers as possible. The result was successful - we sold all the Yakisoba on the second day. Every team member did a great job! It was wonderful. I will never forget how we struggled and I am proud of being a member of‘3年3組’.
Needless to say, everyone participates in this festival and works very hard, but of all the activities, I would like to focus on one special event. It is called the ‘Gomi Station’ activity. This activity involves collecting garbage and sorting it by type. Our school has been working on this issue with energy. The stand was located near the entrance. I hope everyone who visited our school understood what we have been trying to do.
I took a lot of pictures during the festival --- with my friends, teachers and many people. Everyone looked happy and seemed to enjoy the occasion. I hope you will enjoy the photos and see how much fun we had! If you missed the chance to come to our school this time, please come next year. I bet you will have a wonderful time. Thank you and see you in the future at the TAMADAI MEGURO SOUREISAI FESTIVAL!

2014年9月29日 Mr.Burden comes to Tamadai

We had a special guest Adam Burden from Lynfield College, Auckland, New Zealand. He is a Japanese teacher and a care-taker of the Tamadai students.  This is a picture of him and 5-week exchange students from Tamadai. Two girls spent a wonderful time over there and we are expecting 2 students from Lynfield.

2014年9月10日 One year study at Dixie High

Hatsuna Miyahara, a 2nd grade student in high school, is at Dixie High, in St. George, Utah. She takes classes such as language, arts, P.E, U.S history, bio-technology, choir, drawing, theater, and pre-calculus. She is happy with her host-family and the school.

Take a look at the pictures she sent us.

We sent two students, Amane and Chiko, for 5 weeks to Lynfield College in Auckland, New Zealand as exchange students.
They had a valuable cultural experience and made new friends. We are going to have two exchange students from next January.

Take a look at pictures.

2014年9月2日 San Diego summer program

The students spent 24 days in San Diego, California. We went to the beach and watched a Major League Baseball games and went to Universal Studios.
The students enjoyed many new experiences. They understood what is important for communication. Everyone had a good time. Take a look at pics.

2014年6月23日 Canyon Crest Academy students came to our school.

8 Canyon Crest Academy students and their teacher, Donald Quinn, came to our school and are enjoying school life here. They are learning Japanese, and our students are learning English.
What a great experience! They will be staying until Saturday this week. I hope you have a chance to talk with them. See the pictures

Hiromi Takaki

2014年5月22日 米国に留学している生徒の様子

2014年5月21日 Hurricane high schoolの選択授業の説明

 高校1・2年生の希望者を対象とした約1年間のアメリカ長期留学の受け入れ校の1つ、アメリカ ユタ州にあるHurricane high schoolから選択授業についてビデオレターが届きました。

2014年5月21日 Student K.M. came back.

Student K.M. came back.
After spending 70 days at Morrinsville college in New Zealand, he came back to Japan. He grew a lot as a human and as an English speaker. He is full of smiles.
Take a look at the pictures at Morrinsville.

2014年5月16日 デイヴィッド先生の自己紹介

My name is David Woiwode. I am very pleased to be at this school – I am a new teacher here, so please give me time to learn all your names (I promise I will try)! My last name is very unusual – I am related to Dracula, the famous vampire! I come from San Diego, California, in the United States of America. San Diego is America’s 6th-largest city. San Diego's sister city in Japan is Yokohama. San Diego is also a very nice city; it has beautiful beaches, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Legoland, and professional baseball and American football teams. It is not far from Disneyland and Los Angeles (Universal Studios, Hollywood). I recommend a visit to San Diego if you have the time – you can have a relaxing time and practice your English. I like reading, travel, and watching sports (especially soccer and baseball). I hope to see you in class or the English Club. The English Club is a great opportunity for students to practice their English, have fun, and make new friends. Please join us! I am enjoying my time in Japan. Japan is a fascinating country, with great food and friendly people. The service and public transportation are wonderful, too. Tokyo is an exciting city, with so many people and so many interesting places to see. Please tell me what I should see and where I should go in Tokyo – I'd appreciate your ideas. I would really like to see the students of this school become great English speakers. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about English – I am here to help.

2014年5月16日 英語部活動開始!

Last Monday was the first day for our English club.
Phil and David were there and the students were excited.
From now on, we are going to have the club at the computer room. As you can see from the pictures, this session was focused on speaking. Students walked around the room telling each other things about themselves. It was a great way to make new friends. English can help people do that!

2014年4月21日 Pine View school 校長先生からのビデオレター

 主に高校2年生の希望者を対象とした約1年間のアメリカ長期留学の受け入れ校であるアメリカ ユタ州にあるPine View schoolの校長先生よりビデオレターが届きました。

私たちはSaint Georgeに5つある公立高校の一つです。我々のマスコットはパンサーです。

2014年4月14日 長期留学コーディネーターからのビデオレター


Zion International Program代表のPatrickです。St.Georgeには5つの公立高校があり、各校1000名程度です。生徒はスポーツにも学業にも秀でており、授業は様々な科目から選択して、受講することができます。この地域は安全で、1ホストファミリーに対して生徒1名しか受け入れません。各学校の日本人は3人までで、インターナショナルの学生は各学校20程度です。国ごとに人数の制限があります。