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ユタ州 セイントジョージ教育District 5校
Dixie high High School
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L.V Rogers Secondary School
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New Zealand exchange students farewell party

Angela and Carrie attended our school in January and we had a farewell party on January 30th.
We had some games and speeches.
We are so lucky to have them and they are such an inspiration to the students here.
Thanks to the class 2-1, 2-6, 1-9 and students body.



My experience in Canada

I had a hard time to get used to fit in life in Canada as it was for the first time in ever in my life. When I just arrived at Nelson, I was extremely excited with everything such as meeting to my amazing host family and the Canadian wildness of mountains, snow and Kooteney Lake. However, the hopeful time did not last that long. I became homesick in a few days because I realized staying here for five months seemed incredibly long with my poor English. I could not even talk to my host family at the beginning.

Therefore, I was really nervous with the school as I did not think I could survive in complete English spoken environment. As I expected, at the first day of school I was desperate with how horrible my English was; international students from Germany and Spain could speak more fluent English than me even though English was not first language for them as well. Additionally, I strongly realized my English was in the lowest level with both of speaking and writing compare to the other international students from variety of countries in ESL which was the English class for only non-native English speakers. I was anxious that if my English had been steadily improving because I just had to have my teacher or friends to repeat the extra explanation for a while.

You can see how hard I struggled with my course. And above all, the most severe course I had was the Drama. We had to do tons of activities, the voice training for many times, make the scripting and perform it with a partner in front of all Canadian students, and learn how to express what the character want to tell with body expression, which would never happen in Japanese high school. I sometimes wondered how it would be fun if all lectures were in Japanese as I did not really like it. I could finally finished it with support from my friends and a counsellor when I tried to change to another course. It needed courage for me to think and show lines all by myself. At the end of the drama, we had a huge show as a culmination. Although I was nervous if I could perform well, the show we all contributed for ended up fascinating. To conclude, I am proud of myself because I overcame what seemed impossible to accomplish, and this course allowed me to understand the importance of being able to actually make an action with using English.

Secondly, I am so glad to meet my wonderful host family and a roommate, called Verona from China. We all had fun with seasonal events such as Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas. Especially, my roommate, Verona was extraordinary thoughtful to me; she taught me everything from about home to school. She actually made my stay more enjoyable. After all, all people in Nelson were amazingly beautiful. There were some Japanese who has stayed in Canada for one year and they generously counseled me when I had a trouble. Also, Canadians and international students fixed what I incorrectly said without giggling. Therefore, I regret that I should have tried to speak to them from the beginning of my staying even if it would be challenging to do so. After all, five months past incredibly fast for me.

Although I wonder if I would have been able to extend to one year program, I now am so happy that I could come to Nelson. Therefore, I do not regret that I chose to study in Canada instead of missing five months of high school life in Japan. I am grateful to all supports from people who encouraged and brought me this wonderful memory in Canada from bottom of my heart. To conclude, I love Nelson.

R.N's report

I have stayed in Nelson for five months, and had a wonderful time because it was safe and people were kind to me. I had so many experiences.

First of all, life in Nelson was different from Japanese one: my host family usually go to bed at least 10: we started dinner around 6: the amount of snow: width of roads.

Secondly, my host family were so nice and they brought me any kinds of places such as mountain hiking, the hot springs, America and the parade in downtown. Especially, going to America was amazing since it was the first time ever for me to visit there. They organized some events for me such as parties for international students, making a gingerbread at house at Christmas, having a camp fire at New Year's Eve. If I was in Japan, I couldn't experience these, so I was very glad. People in Nelson smile at me when I have an eye contact with them. I was so surprised because Japanese do not do anything when we have the eye contact, I was impressed about their custom but people in Nelson smile at me when I have an eye contact with them.

Thirdly, I also had many wonderful experiences in P.E. class and international program. In International program, we went for rafting, zip lining, hot springs and ice hockey game. All events allowed me to feel Canadian wild natures and sprits. Especially, I had so much fun with zip lining in Canadian wildness. Canadian nature was incredibly impressive; I saw the grizzly bear for four times before their hibernation in autumn; I also saw the wild deer in downtown. I was scared because it was standing from five meters away. And in P.E. class, we played music in class, and I went to skating, curling, squash, antigravity yoga, pool. Teachers in L.V.R. were very kind to me and always supported me.

To conclude, staying in Nelson for five months passed pretty fast. At the beginning of the staying I got so homesick and did not really like Nelson, however I gradually came to like it and had fun with everything. I totally enjoyed staying here from the bottom of my heart. I want to make the best use of all experiences in Nelson after I go back to Japan.


New Zealand長期留学から帰国した生徒の作文その2

高校2年 T.I








New Zealand長期留学から帰国した生徒の作文

2年 A.S


 学校では、日本にはないような授業がたくさんあり、私はそのなかでも、Fashion & designとHospitalityの授業が特に好きでした。Fashionでは、主に裁縫の授業を受けました。学年の最後には、自分でデザインしたワンピースを作りました。ただ単に縫うだけでなく、ワンピースの形や生地の素材なども考えて作ったので、難しい課題ではありましたが、作り終えたときの嬉しさはとても大きなものでした。Hospitalityでは、料理のことを学びました。現地の子たちとの調理実習は初めの方は慣れず、身振り手振りを交えながらぎこちなく会話をしていましたが、時が経つにつれ、スムーズに会話できるようになりました。





2016年度New Zealand 交換留学 7月20日〜8月27日

2年1組 N.I

 今回の留学で色々のことを経験し色々なことを学びました。もともと海外に行って英語を話してみたいという気持ちはありましたが、英語は苦手です。しかし、1ヶ月以上ニュージーランドで生活してみて英語との距離が少し縮まったような気がします。最初は現地の人の英語を聞き取ることはとても難しかったのですが少しずつ単語を聞き取れるようになりました。そして分からない単語があってもこういうこと言っているのだろうと感じ取ることまでできるようになりました。英文を読むのも同じです。分からない単語があっても前後の関係から読み取ることができるようになり確実に読むスピードもあがりました。これは大きな進歩だと思います。これを気に英語へ対する苦手意識が少しでも消え、もっ と真正面から向き合えていけたら、と思います。そしてせっかく英語に慣れた耳を無駄にしないためにも、洋楽を聴いたり、洋画を観たり、外国のテレビ番組を観たりして行きたいと思います。

 学んだのは英語だけではありません。日本との違い、日本人に足りないものについても学びました。自分からアクションを起こせ。この言葉、よく聞きますがまさにこれです。待っていてもほとんど何も得られませんでした。自分の英語が伝わるのか不安でなかなか話掛けられなかったのですが、勇気を出して話掛けるとみんな一生懸命聞いてくれました。現地の人はとってもフレンドリーで、誰に話掛けてもみんな気持ちよく接してくれます。心配する必要はありませんでした。だから、多少下手な英語でも自分が伝えたいという思いがあればちゃんと伝えられます。正しい英語も大切ですがそれよりも気持ちが大切でした。そして自分の発した1文に対し何文もの英文で返ってきました。日本人だったら「 はい」、「いいえ」だけで済ましてしまうよう問いにも彼らはその事についてもっと話を広げ、新たな質問を投げ返してくることもよくありました。彼らの話す力というものはとても凄いです。普通の会話だけでなく、授業や話合いでもそれはよく分かります。授業で、分からない部分や意見があったらすぐに発言しますし、話合いでは10分もあれば本当に色々な意見が出てきます。なぜこんなにも話せるのか。それは発言しやすい環境ができているからだと思います。発言するとき、日本人は、周りの目を気にしすぎてしまい、あっているのかどうかということに重点を置きがちです。しかしニュージーランドででそんなことを気にしている人はいないでしょう。いや、気にする必要がありません。1つ1つに反 応があり、どんな意見でも受け入れてくれるからです。例えその答えが間違っていてもドンマイといいた感じで空気が乱れることは決してありません。反応があるということが大切な環境の要素なのだと思います。

 そして彼らは話す力だけでなく心も広いです。英語が理解できないことが何度もありました。しかし、分からない、という意思表示をするとゆっくり話したり、違う単語に置き換えたりして分かるまで何度も何度も言い直してくれました。こんなに説明してくれているのに分からないなんて申し訳ないと思い謝ると、どんな人でも大丈夫だよ、気にしないで、と笑顔で言ってくれました。1ヶ月以上ニュージーランドに滞在しましたが、私は彼らの怒った姿を見たことはありません。水をこぼした相手にだって、机を壊してしまった相手にだて怒鳴って怒るようなことはありませんでした。そのときもやっぱり、大丈夫だよ、気にしないで、といった感じです。現地の人は本当に心が広いです。そしていつも笑 顔です。違う制服を着ているからかもしれませんが、学校で全く知らない人でもすれ違うだけでよく笑顔で挨拶をしてくれました。話している時だって笑顔です。そしてちょっとしたことでもsorryとすぐに謝りますし、ささいなことでもthank youと感謝の気持ちを伝えます。1日に何度この言葉を遣い、聞いたか分からないほどです。こういった気遣いができるところも素敵だと思います。



2年5組 M.O






 ホストファミリーはとても優しくて私が言おうとしていることがあると必ず優しく目を見て話を聞いてくださいました。アクセントのつけ方がちがうと正しい方を教えてくださったり、リビングで寒そうにしていると毛布をだしてくださったり、土日はなるべく車で出かけたりと英語だけではなく思いやりの面でも多くのことを学ぶ事ができました。ホストシスターで1月に私のお家に来るCarrieは中国人でとてもおしとやかな子でした。毎朝15分かけて一緒に登校し1日が終わるとまた15分歩いて下校していました。朝起きると必ずGood morning と挨拶を交わし登校中は日本についていろいろな話題を話したりニュージーランドについて会話したり中国についてもたくさんの話題で話しました。下校中はその日の出来事を話したりしてあっという間に到着していました。Carrieはとても日本に興味を持っていてくれていてアニメやマンガだけでなく映画やドラマ・音楽も知っていて共通の話題で盛り上がることができました。日本の教育について日本とニュージーランドと中国を比較した話題などでも盛り上がりました。家ではテレビがほとんどついていなく、ホストファミリーはデバイスを使って動画をみていました。


 学校には日本人が15名ほど在学していていました。夏休みということもありLynfield Collegeの姉妹校でもある品川区からの語学研修生もいて日本人を目にする機会は多かったです。在学中の日本人の子たちから学校のことを教わって結構早く慣れました。2時間目と3時間目の間にある20分のインターバルではお菓子を食べていました。ランチタイムはサンドイッチを食べてからバレーボールに誘われて体育館に行ったこともありました。ランチボックスにはサンドイッチが入っていて具はハムや目玉焼き、魚のフライなどいろいろな種類があり必ずレタスも入っていました。普段サンドイッチは食べることが少なくて5週間このランチボックスで飽きないかどうかの心配はありましたが多くの種類と美味しさで飽きることなく食べることができました。授業はあたりまえだけれど全部英語で話されてわからないことも多くありました。Scienceはちょうど自分が得意な物理でした。説明が分からなくても1年生で習ったことで単位がつくからわかりやすく計算問題や文章問題も解きやすかったです。Mathの内容は中学生ですでに習ったことだったけれど解き方が異なっていて新しい方法も学ぶことができました。しかしトレーニングタイムでワークシートの問題を解いていると長い文章問題が出てきて理解できず解けないものもありました。P.E.はニュージーランドでは有名なネットボールが単元でした。バスケットボールを改造したようなスポーツです。私はバスケットボールをやっていてシュートがよくはいるということでゴールシューターになりました。自分がシュートを決めるとチームみんなが喜んでくれてうれしかったです。コミュニケーションとるために会話も多くできました。Hospitalityというfoodの授業では1週間に1度は必ず調理実習があり、ミニキッシュ・ソーセージロール・スポンジケーキ・スコーンなどほかにもたくさん作りました。レシピが英語で書いてあってわからなくてなにをすればいいのかわからなくても何か役に立ちたくて何をすればいいのか聞いて班の子に助けてもらいながらつくりました。後半になると慣れて理解できるようになって聞かなくても自分でレシピを見て動けるようになりました。英語は2種類ありました。本を読んだりコンピューターを使ったゲームをしたり短い物語をたくさん読んだりしました。最後の1週間、自分の国のお祝い事について書くというテストのようなものでは新年の過ごしたかについてかきました。電子辞書はルールで使えなくてわからない単語など調べることができない中で書かなければいけなくて大変でした。たくさんの文章を読んだので少し読解力が上がったように思いました。ニュージーランドにはいろいろな国からきている人が多くて友達になった中にはブラジル・中国・韓国・イタリア・フランスなどいて国際的な国だなと思いました。



2016年度 米国研修報告 7月21日〜8月10日
1年生24名 2年生13名 37名 

2年8組 R.K


2年2組 N.K




 コロナドで過ごした3週間で日本とアメリカは全く違う国だと感じました。自動車の走る車線が逆だったり、「愛国心の強さ」や「フレンドリーさ」でした。特に「愛国心の強さ」と「フレンドリーさ」は印象に残っています。「愛国心の強さ」は家に国旗を掲げていたり、野球の試合前に国歌を歌っていて、国歌を重視していたのでそう思いました。「フレンドリーさ」は道路ですれ違ったときに、Hi,Hello,How are you?とほとんどの方が声をかけてくれました。日本人は恥ずかしがり屋や内気な多いのに比べアメリカ人はとてもフレンドリーでした。  英語での会話では、自分の言いたいと思っていることを英語にして話すのが非常に難しかったです。いつもだったらすぐ頭に浮かぶ単語が焦って浮かばなかったり、ホストマザーが言っていることが聞き取れないときがたくさんありましたが、目を見て話すことによって、相手が分かろうと努力してくれるし、分かりやすい英語で言い直してくれました。自分の英語力が低いことを改めて実感しましたが、改めて目を見て話すことの大切さに気づきました。食べ物屋などで品物を注文するときの会話が一番難しかったです。店員の英語がとても速く、聞き取ることができませんでした。店員は他の商品を薦めてきて、それを断るのが大変でした。


 また、授業後のアクティビティは全て楽しかったです。海にいったり、ショッピングをしたり、プールにいったり、メジャーリーグを観戦したり、ホームパーティーをしたりととても充実していました。その中で一番印象に残っているアクティビティはカヤックです。カヤックは人生初でした。海に落としたり、落とされたりととても楽しい時間でした。  僕はこの研修を通じて異文化に触れることの大切さや異文化理解が大切だということが分かりました。異文化に触れることによって日本の欠点や良い点を見つけることができる。異文化を理解してその地域の人と仲良くしたりすることも大切だと思いました。



 I had a very good time in Coronado. I like the cool wind which blows in the morning and night. I will never forget Lisa and the days I spent in Coronado. I want to go there again!!  I will go back there.

1年4組 I.K


1年9組 K.I


 私はもともと英語が好きで、中学の頃から高校生になったら海外留学にいきたいと思っていました。やっとホームステイ先も決まり、期待とともに大きな不安もありました。それはスピーキングの力に自信がなく、ネイティブの人と話すきっかけがあってもうまく話せなくて悔しい想いをしたことがあるからです。私の親戚にイギリス人がいるのですが、その人が日本にきたとき、聞きたいことがあっても自信がないせいで聞けなかったり、聞かれたことにもうまく返せなくて、本当は楽しくお話したいのに話すことすらままならず、悔しかったです。だから今回の語学研修では文化の違いを学ぶだけでなく、そんな自分を変えてから帰りたいという気持ちがありました。アメリカについたらホストファミリーが迎えに来てくれていました。私のおうちは既にブラジルからきた留学生がいました。これから三週間ひとつ屋根の下で過ごす人たちと会うと思うと本当に緊張しました。対面したときもドキドキハラハラしていて顔がこわばっている私にホストファミリーは気さくに話しかけてくれました。やはり最初は身の回りの全ての言語が日本語ではないということに慣れず、不安ばかりでした。また、聞かれたことに対して質問が分からない自分が情けなく、申し訳なく思ってしまい、生返事をしてしまうこともありました。しかし、ホストファミリーはとても優しく、学校から帰ったあとはプールや映画、ショッピングモールなどいつも色んな場所へ連れて行ってくれました。そのおかげでシスター達ともすぐに仲良くなれたし、たくさんお話することができました。話すときに、この文法で合ってるかなとかこの英文で言っても伝えたいこと分かってもらえないかなとか思い、黙ってしまいそうになったりすることも多々あったけれど、そんなときはいつも、行く前に先生が教えてくれた言葉を頭に思い浮かべていました。『so what? who cares?』です。日本人なんだから英語をペラペラと話せないのは当たり前で、私の言った言葉の文法がおかしくても、英語の力が足りなくてうまく伝えられなくてもだから何?誰が気にするの?という意味の魔法の言葉です。滞在中は何度もこの言葉を思い出しました。この言葉のおかげで会話もはずむようになったり、積極的にコミュニケーションをとることができました。そうして過ごしていくにつれてだんだん生返事をしてしまうことも減りました。単語の意味がわからなかったら教えてもらう、聞かれていることの内容が分からなければ聞き返す。これはとても大切なことで、自分の殻に閉じこもってしまってはこの研修は何の収穫もないと思い、必死にネイティブの英語に耳を傾けていました。学校では日本人ばかりいるので、どうしてもずっと日本語で話してしまいがちでしたが、向こうでの学校の先生やデイビットに話しかけにいきました。昨日のホストファミリーとの出来事を話したりできたときは本当に楽しいと思えました。


2年4組 H.H







1年1組 K.F





1年8組 N.Y









Exchange students to Utah.

Our exchange students to Utah U.S spent 10 months there and have just come back to school.
Here are their impressions about their experiences and pictures.

The Best Time Of My Life

I stayed in St George, Utah for ten months. I don’t know if it was long or short, but I would say that it was the best ten months ever in my life.

I got there in the early August. It was really hot and dry. In Japan, especially in June and July, it rains a lot, almost every day and it never gets dry. For these reasons, I loved how it was hot, dry, sunny, and how the rain doesn’t last long.

I started my school a little later than everyone. I was really nervous because I knew no other Japanese students were there and it meant that making friends for me became a little harder. No one treated me “special” just because I was an exchange student in my classes. Having to do everything just like a normal student was a little hard because I didn’t speak fluent English and of course everything was in English, and I hardly could understand the teachers and the classes. It took me a while to be able to understand and to speak English. The big reason why I got better at English was my wonderful friends. They stayed with me and supported me through happy moments and even sad moments. Everything was just fun and I was happy, but the last three months, I had some problems with my host family. My host parents were getting divorced and whole family was fighting every night. I wasn’t strong enough to help them and go through all of it with them, and I talked about it to my friends and one of my best friends walked to my house just to see if I was okay, and to make sure that I was really okay, we hung out with some other friends every day. My other best friend told her mother about my situation and me. They were so kind that they let me stay at their house for the rest of my stay in Utah. Thanks for these kind people, I was able to spend my hard time much better. Now that I’m back to Japan, all I can do is to thank every single person that happened to come into my life and to think how and what I can give them back.

My plans after my senior year in Japan is to attend and graduate from a college in America then, work for exchanges students and help them make the best time ever in their lives and to make them think that they were proud to be an exchange student.

I will thank again for all of you that made my exchange student life happen, and made my whole world change.


I want to contribute to all over the world. If I do it I have to grow up as a human and make difference with other people. If I want to do these I need to learn another country's culture. What I think different is for example languages and a thinking.

I stayed in Utah which has a strong Christianity. And I was told that they are crazy and I can not take any caffeine. So I got so nervous. I thought these people are different from me. But after starting living with these people I though they are same as me. They are a regular human being. They just believe in something different. Everyone eats dinner and sleeps and wakes up. Everyone is same. The reason why the people who told me that they are crazy is they see the differences in their culture. If they watched the basics they would not think they are crazy.

I found out world is small from my experiences in America. I went to London 2 years ago. They use British English and they think this English is real English. But in America thy use American English and they think it is real English. I think it is like a dialect. So we have Japanese English and Korean has Korean English. When I think these, I feel world is like a country and Japan, America and other countries are like a city. So I thought the world is small.

Before I went to America I thought language is so important. But after I went to America this thinking was changed Language is just a skill. If I can speak 5 languages and I don't talk with a lot of people, it is not good. If I can speak 10 languages and I don't use this skill, it is not good. What I want to say is language is just a skill and we have to acquire patience passion and experiences. If I can speak a lot of languages, but I don't have anything to say, it means nothing. So I thought studying abroad is not only for a language but feel the differences.

I thought people are not equal before but I think differently now. Most people who stay in Utah are Mormon and I was told we are equal by Mormon people. I thought it is not true. But if I compare me to someone, which is superior? I found out there is nothing like superior human. They are just born in the region. I think the physically disabled people don't want to be thought miserable. It just makes difference.

I do not know how I will grow up in the future but I try to believe in my future. I want to treasure my experiences in America and I want to contribute myself to something useful and make people feel proud of themselves.

What I learned in the U.S.

I learned a lot of things through studying abroad. Time passed very rapidly just survived at first. I had a good time and a hard time, but most of them were almost first experience for me and I enjoyed them. There were a lot of differences about way of thinking about family and religion, and system of society and school. That confused me. I had only knowledge about there are people who believe in God ,but I hadn't understood them. However, I went to Utah and was exposed to real religious people, that changed my way of thinking to religion. Besides, I felt American family had strong relationships with each other compared to Japanese family. In my host family, we hung out every weekends. Actually I like Japanese family type better than American family, but I was really surprised that foreign people have absolutely another way of thinking about family. I knew that there are diverse senses of value around the world. My experiences of studying abroad broadened my mind.


National English Speech Contest Tokyo Preliminary

The 36th National English Speech Contest Tokyo Preliminary was held on July 11th at Nerima Industrial School.

Class 3-2 student M.T. delivered an excellent speech and was praised by the judges.

I was with her that time and very proud of her. Here is her speech and summary.(Japanese Summary below)

(Hiromi Takagi, English Teacher)

International Cooperation

Hello. I would like to talk about international cooperation, and how we could all become a part of it.

I lived in the States when I was six years old, and I came back to Japan when I was nine. Even though it was a short time, and nine years have passed, the experience is still a part of me. I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying at first, and most things were confusing. I was usually with my Japanese friends. But after about a year, I slowly became used to my new life, and gradually I spoke in English at home with my sister, and it came to a point where I couldn't remember what it was like in Japan. I was invited to sleepovers, and made so many friends. I was able to become a part of a culture, language and a community that wasn't mine.

School was fun, and much more fun and creative…Teachers just don't make us listen to what they say. They give us chances to create things in class. Presentations and games were normal. The teachers encouraged students to be independent, and outgoing. Before I knew it, the three years were over.

When I came back, I was confused by everything again, except this time I was back in my own country. I received reverse culture shock, and realized that almost nothing was the same. School was more serious, organized and everyone was grown up since I last saw them, and more polite and independent than the students in the States. Teachers wanted us to be a big group, and of course, the language was different. I went through the same thing again and slowly got used to my new life.

There are so many things I've learned from the years I was in America, and the first few years in Japan, and I'm still learning. But there is one thing I'm sure of, and it is this: Everyone should have pride in their own culture and the place they come from, but in the end, we could be a part of anything and accept any differences people might have if we just put our minds to it.

I also learned that it's easier said than done, because if it was easy, racism and wars caused by people not accepting the differences wouldn't exist. So many histories show people fighting each other just because a person has a different skin color, language, religion from somebody else. There are wars today that never should have happened, or could've been prevented. If we could always keep an open mind, I believe that this world would be a very different place, where people try to understand each other.

The differences between Japan and the States were big, but it taught me that there are more than hundreds of countries which hold different views, and I'm thankful I was given the chance to realize that.

My best friend is from Taiwan, and she teaches me her culture, which is something I would've never known if it wasn't for her. Some of my relatives live overseas, and when I translate for them, I understand the importance of being a bridge between them, so that we could all experience new things. There was an English seminar I attended with my father, and there were people over sixty who talked about politics in English even though it took a long time to string two words together. Learning English is useful too, for many people speak it. I know now that speaking fluently or flawlessly isn't that important; the things we say and the way we use it is the key to finding a good connection.

All of these things have led me to think that it isn't impossible to be part of a world where we put aside our differences and respect each other. I also learned that there are many things we could do, like making a foreign friend or attending an international seminar to touch something new and different, to spread our world.

I turned eighteen today, so I'm almost an adult. I will start thinking of my future, but whatever I do, I will always keep an open mind, use both of my languages and never forget the things I've learned. I believe that just a small action could eventually lead to a place where we see each other as friends despite any differences we might have. Most of all, I believe that we could start walking towards a better future, for all of us. To realize this, we need to understand the differences between cultures and respect theses differences. And that excites me the most. Thank you.








Video letters from schools in Nelson, Canada #2





Here are photos taken at schools and surroundings in Nelson, Canada, where a new study program for a year (or half a year) is going to be held.
Please have a look at them and imagine how your school life will be in there!


Video letters from schools in Nelson, Canada

This September, we are starting a new study program in Nelson, Canada for a year (or half a year). Please enjoy the pictures and talks from the staff and a student in Nelson, Canada.

L.V.RogersSecondary Pricipal

L.V.R.Internal Student

Mt. Sentinal Principal talk

Salmo Secondary School Talk


2016年度 NZ留学生報告

3年 S.N

I couldn't do it during daytime because I was immersed in English, but I had time to think many things under the beautiful starry sky at night.

In Japan, students are told just to study. Although teachers seem to believe they explain all the reasons we have to study, what the teachers are really saying are what needs to be taught in general, and it doesn't fit some parts of life. Some people, however, can't find the reasons on their own even though they study hard. The pressure of exams makes them study more and that steals not only the time to think, but also the rooms in their hearts. I had been one of them.

Fortunately, however, I could find the reasons now .I'd gotten the time and the chance to know more ways to think and to live than when I was in Japan. I was away from my family. I saw nice stars. Kiwi people were easygoing. The environment in NZ let me think and realize the reasons why I study, what makes me feel pressed, and what kind of things would lead to my future and so on.

There is no need to write the answers I've found. What I need to write is that I was lucky to have found the answers around the time I was becoming a prospective student. I couldn't have done that if I had been in Japan, no matter how much time I tried to make. That's why I'm deeply thankful to everything that gave me this chance.






3年 A.W

My school life in New Zealand was very bright. I was uneasy before I came to New Zealand. However Teachers and students were very kind to us. I had made a lot of friends. I was able to have a lot of communication with them.

In Japan my school is smaller than Morrinsville College. it is huge, so the first time I came there, I got lost.

In New Zealand, I couldn't believe that students use cellphones, drink water and eat food while they are in class. I was also surprised that after every class I have to move.

We don't have interval time in Japan, so that is very new to me.

The more I stayed there, the more I could talk with people who live in New Zealand. I couldn't speak English very well and there were a lot of words that I didn't understand but people taught me patiently to be able to understand.

Like these, there were lots of differences between New Zealand and Japan.

It was great experience for me.

I had an awesome time.


2年 M.S



 実際に通った現地の学校のMatamata college では、自分で学びたい教科を選択し、全て英語で現地の子と一緒に授業を受けました。最初のうちは、学校の先生が何を言っているのかわからず、周りの子たちを見て行動していました。苦労したこともありましたが、現地の子から声をかけてきてくれて、説明してくれたりと優しい子がたくさんいました。学校行事にも参加し、たくさんの子と仲良くなり、友達になることができました。毎日学校に通うにつれて、友達や顔見知りの子が増え、日本語で「オハヨウ」と声をかけてくれる子もいました。Matamata college はとても自由な学校で私は学校に行くのが楽しくなりました。




高校2年 M.K



3年 K.Y




2年 R.M







2年 K.U












Students have come back from New Zealand.

Our 11 students went over to Morrinsfield or Matamata college in New Zealand.

4 for yearly program and others are for short term 70days.

They enjoyed friendship and great mother nature in New Zealand.

Please take a look at the pictures they took and a talk from John Inger, Principal of Matamata college.